Mirror Lake

The modes of transportation across the lake are varied but we opted for a kayak. This is definitely the most tranquil way to experience the lake and also enables you to explore areas at your own pace. Our first stop was at Widow Island, a tiny islet that  is associated with local legend and folklore relating to a message of open heartedness and generosity, both common Vietnamese attributes.
Lucia on Ba Be Lake

The local fishermen pass by on very narrow boats laying their nets using water bottles as floats. They stand at the back of the boat and paddle in a circular motion which definitely put my wobbly kayaking action to shame - one of many instances that can make you feel like a clumsy foreigner!
Boat man on Ba Be Lake

As the sun was setting on the water we paddled over to the next island where An Ma Pagoda sits. I spotted some pink flowers I recognised from another trip, named for their explosive form these ‘Gun’ flowers (Hoa Sung) are a beautiful shade of bright pink and they seem to just burst out of the water.
Widow Island

The colour and light quality at Ba Be is in permanent high definition, so intense you have to blink to remind yourself you're not dreaming. The combination of landscape, mirror like water and quality of light is truly overwhelming.
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Lucia & Hamish


Hamish is spending a few months travelling around Vietnam to get a change from daily life in London for a while, swapping a high pressure sales job for the outdoor lifestyle.  He has a passion for nature and the outdoors, and loves to write about what he finds as he goes by blogging and keeping a journal.  He is also a keen amateur photographer, and loves to capture images of nature while exploring.  Ba Be National Park was an obvious choice as a first stop because of the wonderful diversity of flora and fauna to enjoy there.

Lucia is an artist from London who is travelling Vietnam while she gains inspiration for future art projects.  She loves the outdoors and much of her work centres around capturing landscapes.  It is an ideal change for creative inspiration to come to Vietnam, and she is especially in her element travelling through Vietnam's national parks.  She also enjoys writing as she goes as a way to keep a record. This is Lucia's fourth visit to Vietnam!

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