Puong Cave

Puong Cave is a large tunnel-cave digging under the mountain, located in the Nang River of Ba Be district, Bac Kan province. With its 30m high and 300m long, the place is a fascinating destination to visit when in Ba Be National Park.

Puong Cave attracts visitors not only for its multitude of stalactites and stalagmites of multiple shapes, but also because it is home of a several bat communities of nearly ten thousand individuals.

Regarding its access, Nang river which flows underneath the limestone cliff of Lung Nham mountain, allows an easy and safe entrance via boat. You will go through many feelings while entering the mountain, and the slow pace of the boat allows a deeper analysis of the surroundings and a better appreciation of the years of erosion that created this tunnel.

The cave is also accessible by foot from road 279. The landscape is magical and the road to get to the entrance is really one-of-a-kind. From a small bridge above the river, you have to go down the hill to reach a floating bridge made of bamboos. Follow the path - only one way possible - and reach Puong cave as an adventurer.

No entrance fees, only the boat fees if you choose this option.

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