Homestay services of Tay people in Ba Be National Park

Bo Lu Village, located in Nam Mau Commune has long been one of the favorite destinations for travelers who need to find a place to stay during their trip to discover Ba Be National Park. Despite the many affordable hotels, most travelers prefer a homestay near Ba Be Lake, which is considered a must-visit for any tourists who come to the area. In Bo Lu Village, visitors can enjoy the fullest service, including around 20 large stilt houses, each of which can hold a group of 30 people thanks many small rooms divided by wood walls.

Second floor of mr linh's homestay

Another characteristic that makes these stilt houses so special is that they  have air conditioners and free Wi-Fi access, whose coverage is even stronger and wider than at other hotels in the region, besides many basic, comfortable living services. The total price that a traveler has to pay for staying there for one day varies from US $5 to $ 40/ night depending on quality of accommodation. Extra services allow tourists to rent boats to discover Ba Be Lake, the largest natural lake in Vietnam and also one of the most well-known tourism destinations. Large stilt houses in Bo Lu Village can welcome a group of 50 people thanks to the many small rooms divided by wood walls.  The idea of using stilt houses to promote tourism was initiated 20 years ago by local people living here. One of the most interesting experiences which attract tourists to homestays in Ba Be is the opportunity to live in a friendly, happy environment, with many delicious meals cooked and served by Tay people. All the food ingredients, including vegetables and meat, are raised by locals, with guaranteed sanitary quality.

Thanks to tourism and homestsay services. Now, each family owns at least two to three motorcycles and equipment for life.
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Mr Linh's Adventures is a Tour Operator specialized in Upscale Customized Vacations and Private tours in Vietnam
The company was founded by Linh , a Vietnam tour manager who has been working in the tourism since 2009.
He acquired a great experience on the road, specially Ba Be National Park and he is now ready to offer the best solutions to the people who are looking for memorable trips.

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