Authentic flavours in Ba Be National Park

While the province of Bac Kan in north-east Vietnam is best known for its rich cultural heritage, it also boasts a delicious local cuisine. During your visit to Ba Be National Park, be sure to sample these tasty specialties.

Delicacies of the Bac Kan region


Five-colored glutinous rice,a unique gustatory and visual experience - Source:Internet

  • Bamboo shoot soup (Canh Măng)
    A traditional dish prepared with fresh bamboo shoots, pork and herbs.
  • Grilled fish (Cá Nướng)
    Fresh fish from rivers and streams, marinated in fish sauce, sugar and spices, then grilled to perfection.
  • Wild pork (Thịt Lợn Rừng)
    A specialty of the Tay and Nung ethnic minorities, wild pig is often grilled or baked or candied with herbs and spices.
  • Bánh trời Bắc Kạn or Pẻng Phạ
    These glutinous rice cakes are prepared with rice powder, wine and strong tea, then filled with minced pork, mushrooms and other ingredients, before being grilled.
  • Bánh gio mật mía Bắc Kạn or Sugar cane molasses cake
    A must-try specialty of the Province, Banh Gio mat mia is both rustic and sophisticated. Also known as Banh Tro, or Banh Nuong, it's part of every major celebration. It's a delicious, moist and fragrant sugarcane molasses cake wrapped in a banana leaf.

Nowhere else but in Bac Kan Province

Glass noodles from Na Ri district, a kind of angel hair made from toloman starch.
Bánh Coóc Mò, conical cakes in the shape of an ox horn, prepared by the Tày people. Made with glutinous rice and grated coconut, they are steamed and degústed with cane sugar.
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Grilled-fish from lake Ba Be - Source:Internet

Culinary treasures of Ba Be National Park

Grilled fish from Ba Be lake (Cá nướng hồ Ba Bể)

From the clear waters of Lake Ba Be, this modestly sized fish with firm, slightly sweet flesh is grilled to perfection after being carefully prepared and dried in the sun.

Ba Be Lake smoked sausage (Lạp sườn tại hồ Ba Bể)

Also known as Vietnamese smoked sausage, lap suon from Lake Ba Be this unique feature of pork marinated with rock ginger (gừng đá), a type of wild ginger that only grows on the rocks of high mountains, offering diners a culinary experience like no other. Enjoy it grilled, pan-fried or as a garnish!

Smoked pork, a delicious Tay speciality - Source:Nguoi viet du lich viet

Smoked pork (Thịt lợn gác bếp)

In the past, smoking meat was the traditional method used by the Tày people to preserve and dispose of it all year round. This practice not only prolonged the meat's shelf life, but also gave it a rich, delicious flavor. Nowadays, it's no longer necessary to smoke the meat, but the Tay continue to perpetuate this tradition, for the pleasure of savoring a meat with both rustic and subtle flavors. A delicacy reserved for special occasions (or for treating yourself)!

Rock snails sautéed with lemongrass (Ốc Đá xào sả)

This unique culinary specialty from the Tays, and more specifically from the Ba Be region, features the marriage of crisp-textured rock snails with a distinct taste and a symphony of aromatic spices, for an unforgettable taste experience.
Did you know? These snails live on limestone cliffs and are only accessible after torrential rains dislodge them from their hiding places.

Five-colored glutinous rice (Xôi ngũ sắc)

This colorful glutinous rice dish is distinguished by its bright color palette and fluffy texture, offering a unique gustatory and visual experience.
Key ingredients include nếp nương glutinous rice, grown on mountain slopes, and natural colorants derived from local plants.
Did you know? In mountain culture, Xoi Ngu Sac has deep symbolic significance: the five colors represent the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal and water), symbolizing balance and harmony in the universe. Consuming it is said to bring luck, happiness and prosperity...

Stuffed bamboo shoots, rustic and comforting - Source:Nguoi viet du lich viet

Stuffed bamboo shoots (Măng nhồi)

A rustic culinary specialty from the Ba Be region, Mang nhoi features bamboo shoots stuffed with a savory filling of ground meat, fresh herbs and spices.
Rustic and comforting, this recipe can be served as a side dish with rice or noodles, or as a main course.

Fermented shrimp condiment (Mắm Tép Chua)

Mam Tep Chua is an essential part of the cuisine of the Tay communities in the Ba Be region.
It is in fact a fermented condiment based on fresh shrimp and glutinous mountain rice, offering an explosion of sweet-sour, salty and umami flavors, enhancing any dish with its aromatic complexity.
It is used to enhance the flavor of soups and stews, to tone sauces and other marinades, or simply as a condiment with fresh vegetables or green fruit.

Absinthe cake, a delicious green delicacy - Source:Internet

Absinthe cake (Bánh giầy lá ngải )

A soft, green delicacy that subtly combines the spiciness of absinthe, the sweetness of sugar and the creaminess of glutinous rice, a symbol of the local culinary heritage.
Banh Giay La Ngai goes beyond its culinary function to become part of the cultural heritage of the Ba Be region. It crystallizes the know-how and ingenuity of local communities, who have taken advantage of natural resources to create tasty and unique specialties.
Prepare your taste buds for a firework display of authentic flavours on your next trip to Ba Be National Park! An immersive culinary experience at the heart of mountain ethnic culture awaits you.
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