One of the first things you should do when arriving at Ba Be lake is get out onto the water!

Having spent the first 2 days walking around it we were already amazed by its beauty but once you actually get out in the middle of the lake you notice the mirror like effect that the reflection of light creates on the still water. The lake is framed by sheer limestone mountains that are covered in luscious green vegetation. It really is unbelievably beautiful.

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About Lucia & Hamish

Hamish is spending a few months travelling around Vietnam to get a change from daily life in London for a while, swapping a high pressure sales job for the outdoor lifestyle.  He has a passion for nature and the outdoors, and loves to write about what he finds as he goes by blogging and keeping a journal.  He is also a keen amateur photographer, and loves to capture images of nature while exploring.  Ba Be National Park was an obvious choice as a first stop because of the wonderful diversity of flora and fauna to enjoy there.

Lucia is an artist from London who is travelling Vietnam while she gains inspiration for future art projects.  She loves the outdoors and much of her work centres around capturing landscapes.  It is an ideal change for creative inspiration to come to Vietnam, and she is especially in her element travelling through Vietnam's national parks.  She also enjoys writing as she goes as a way to keep a record. This is Lucia's fourth visit to Vietnam!

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