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What is the famous local food in Ba Be?

- The first of the specialties in Ba Be is grilled fish from Ba Be lake. This finger size fish is baked with alcohol or in a charcoal stove. You can eat all the meat from the fish and you can spice it with chilli while sipping some beer or a corn wine - it will be delicious.
- The pork hanging on the kitchen is unique delicacy of Tay people. The meat is cut into small pieces, rubbed in salt, rice wine and water from leaves in the forest. After salting it is hung three or four days and after smoked in the wood stoves till the pork become yellow-black colour.
- We have to mention sour shrimp dish, which is caught from Ba Be lake. The Tay people often eat pickled shrimp and pork leg meat cooked alone or together with herbs and fruit like star fruit and p green banana.
- Smoked sausage is famous specialty of Bac Kan. The sausage made from pork pigs that live only in the forest) mixed with ginger, a kind that grows only on rocks.
- Corn wine is famous wine in Ba Be. It is made from corn grain that is brewed for 30 days.
In Ba Be we still have some other delicious foods, that you should come and try!

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