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What can I do in Ba Be National Park?

In Ba Be, you can do trek, boat trip, kayak, swim and bicycle.
If you trek you have a chance to meet and the Dao and Mong people, who only live at the top of mountain, and you may discover their culture and traditions.
With 500 ha of the lake, the best way of seeing it is to take a boat trip. You can see the cave, waterfall, temple and enjoy the stunning views on Ba Be lake.
Kayaking is a wonderful option on Ba Be lake. You have time to relax by yourself, explore the limestone karst mountains, see the sunset and swim.
You can rent a bicycle to visit some villages, and see the traditional lives of the Tay people. You can reach the big cave, 8km from Ba Be Tourism Centre, and the waterfall which is 13km, both accessible by bike.

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