Mr Linh’s Adventures Travel specialises in bringing unique experiences to adventure seeking travellers. We want to share our love of Vietnam by taking you on the ultimate Vietnamese adventure from mystical grottoes to primitive forests and remote ethnic minority villages in Vietnam’s frontier region. Each adventure is specially designed to fulfil your desire to explore, conquer, and discover.

Established in May 2012, Mr Linh’s Adventures is based in the vibrant city of  Hanoi. We have a professional team who all have a love travelling and are passionate about sharing their knowledge and experience. Our aim is providing professional, high-quality services whilst supporting local communities in raising the quality of local life. The majority of our fantastic team are from the same small town in which Mr Linh’s Adventure originated, and we aim to create stable jobs to help our staff grow along with the company.

Quality is our top priority and is the main focus of any adventure organised by Mr Linh’s Adventures Travel. In order to sustain an outstanding level of quality, we ensure that all of our guides are properly trained, that we hold the relevant permits as designated by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in Vietnam, and that our equipment and service is of an international standard. To maintain safety and to ensure that you have a memorable trip, all of our adventures are run as private trips or in small groups.

We would like to welcome all visitors to Vietnam and invite you to join one of our unforgettable tours. We would like to show you the beauty of Vietnam in a whole new light by taking you to the parts that others can’t reach.

Mr. Nguyen Tuan Linh
Mr Linh
A VIETNAM tour manager who has been working in the tourism since 2008.
He acquired a great experience on the Jungle, specially BA BE NATIONAL PARKS and he is now ready to offer the best solutions to the people who are looking for memorable trips.

Working many years as tour manager all over VIETNAM allowed him to be directly in touch with guides, drivers, transportation companies, hotels, restaurants and many other people who operate in the tourism VIETNAM.

LINH  contains all this experience translated in an accurate ion of the best services offered to the clients.

"Traveling is not easy", says LINH," it is an art, a skill, a gift not everyone has been given, it is easy to go to a place just to say "I have been there", it is not easy to go to a place and do the right thing in a short time.

Mr. Linh can give you what you always dreamt of, an amazing full immersion in the culture, tradition, art, history, cuisine of a world which has so much to share with you.

Mr. Long (David)
Mr Long
Was born in 1974… He is a remarkably knowledgeable, energetic and friendly Tour Guide with more than 5 years’ experience conducting organized tours for groups of tourists in a wide range of locations throughout Northern Vietnam. This includes highlights such as trekking in Sapa, Ba Be NP, Beach activities in Ha Long Bay, Museums and local attractions in Ha Noi & Sight-seeing in Ninh Binh.
Good at customer psychology, problem-solving & have a good standard of English.
“My wife and I just completed a three night trek in BaBe NP with guide David Long. We filled out an evaluation in the car and my part was short and perhaps illegible. I have the highest praise for David Long.  He is an excellent guide, one of the best I've had in 50 years of travel - perhaps the best in empathizing with his guests”

Mr. Nam

My name is Nam. I Mr Namcome from Phu Tho province, northern Vietnam where there are many attractive beauty sports and various of famous and humor folk stories of people in Van Lang village. I graduated from Hanoi Technical vocational training college. My major was automobile repair. I worked for Toyota which is 100% capital investment of Japanese for 2 years. Although it was excellent working environment and regime, I still decided to change my job so as to work in tourism because of interesting job. I like traveling and taking visitors throughout my country. I am now take the high responsibility to take care of a 7-seat car which company entrusts. With 9 months working experience in Mr Linh's Adventure, good driving licence, hospitality, open – minded and having a great passion in job, I do believe that I will take every visitor cross the most beautiful roads, left you impressive feeling.
"the driver, Mr. Nam, was a delight, high spirited and always ready with a smile"

Mrs. Lois - Travel Advisor

Lois Pearson, or 'Mrs Lois' is a 63 year old retired music teacher. ShMrs Lois - Travel Advisore was an expat for 10 years in the Middle East and travelled extensively from the late 70s. Finding herself independent of husband (divorced), parents (deceased) and children (settled with growing families in Australia), she sold up, packed her 'life' into store, and now travels the world on a different axis each year stopping in Oz for 90 days to be a proper Granny.  Over 10 months, she trekked the Lycian Way in Turkey, crossed the Black Sea and went by train to St Petersburg, taking the Trans Mongolian train (3rd class) through Russia to Mongolia where she attended the Nadaam races on horseback. She continued overland through China, Vietnam, mainland Malaysia, Borneo and Thailand, gaining her open water and advanced PADI licence, on to Australia, returning to UK via Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, the last stop to revisit Mr Linh in Ba Be National Park.
Throughout her travels she has met numerous tour operators and hosts, and Mr Linh really stands out as enthusiastic, hardworking and most of all delighting in giving his tourists a memorable time.  Seeing his ever growing website, she offered to check over the English, which is still a huge work in progress, and can sometimes ofter tips from 'the other side' ie from a tourist's viewpoint.  She hopes to continue as an advisor, friend and visitor and to see the business flourish as it surely will.
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