Mr Linh’s Adventure is a professional, enthusiastic travel company, specialising in off-the-beaten-track and jungle adventure tours in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

Mr Linh’s Adventure holds an International Tour Operator’s Certificate issued by the National Tourism Bureau of Vietnam, and is made up of a professional team of experts on nature research, safety, tourism and sustainable development.

Whether you prefer long treks, sleeping under the stars in a hammock in the jungle, swimming underground in river caves, or just taking an exploratory day trip, Mr Linh’s Adventure can provide the right amount of adventure just for you.

Our Journey in the World of Travel

Mr Linh is the epitome of a young upcoming Vietnamese entrepreneur and is the founder of Mr Linh's Adventures company.

In a land that has been stricken with at least three wars in the last 70 years, one has to admire the way the country has picked itself up and has, through sheer hard work and indeed ambition has developed a tourism industry that has grown at an unprecedented rate.  However it was typified by many small players acting as agents rather than operators, with the resulting gap between customer expectations and delivery of a product with integrity.  Mr Linh was determined to build a credible company starting from his strong village roots, committed to the principles of responsible travel and staffed entirely by family and local personnel.

In Vietnam the tourist circuit was soon established - HCMC, Hoi An, Hue, Hanoi and Sapa, resulting in many of these areas becoming over-burdened and too 'touristic'.  

Although, Linh was not born in Ba Be but it was the second hometown of Linh, had the vision to bring discerning visitors to share this quiet paradise. In 2008 he established the first office of Ba Be Tourism Centre in his family village of Bo Lu.  Offering a unique service of homestay accommodation, excellent home cooking and English and French speaking knowledgable local guide, the company quickly attracted a steady flow of travellers who were looking for the unspoiled, remote beauty of the mountains, lake, jungle and minority villages.  Following this success, the company quickly expanded its horizons with the Mr Linh's Adventures, opening its office in Hanoi, offering its own tours to other areas.
Despite a global depression which weeded out a number of travel and tour operators, Mr Linh's Adventures maintained and improved its position amongst the main players.

Today Mr Linh's Adventures serves up to 7500 travellers yearly, Our Sales and Operations offices in Hanoi and Ba Be National Park are run by a tight knit team, who, if not family, are loyal and long serving staff members, keen to share in Mr Linh's vision.  Sales staff act as consultants and advisors and the operations team work together to ensure that all aspects, travel, boats, hospitality and restaurant all run smoothly to ensure you have an enjoyable, stimulating and unique experience.     

Mr Linh's Adventures - reponsible tourism

Mr Linh's Adventures have many new projects in the pipeline including a gorgeous homestay at Ba Be built as a traditional house with sublime views, due to open daily Shutte Bus from Hanoi to Ba Be National Park, HALONGWONDERS.COM and SAPALANDSCAPES.COM with its own special tours.
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