9 Stunning Vietnamese Landscapes You Have to See to Believe

While Vietnam has many cultural and historical attractions, people who love nature will find many breath-taking sightseeing opportunities here.

There are mountains, pristine beaches, and tropical forests with tons of rare wildlife, and even a Sahara-esque desert?

Want to experience local life? Vietnam has rice farmers and hill-tribes in the northern mountain ranges as well as small fishing villages throughout the southern and middle regions of the country.

Let's look at nine amazing landscapes in Vietnam. You won't want to miss them!



This is one of Vietnam's most recognized landscapes and it features more than 1,600 limestone islets and islands.

It's found in northern Vietnam and is a UNESCO-listed heritage site. There is a wide range of biodiversity and the fantastic scenery has been a highlight of many films over the years.

You should absolutely visit this spot if it's your first time in Vietnam, as it’s an unmissable part of the natural beauty of the country. It's about 170 km away from Hanoi and you can get there by minibus for a day tour or a multi-day excursion complete with sleeping arrangements on the boat.

If looking for a truly unique experience outside of just visiting the bay, opt for a seaplane trip from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay!


Ha Long Bay



This is a beautiful mountain to hike, but beat in mind you should be in at least decent shape. Here you'll get to see a fantastic view of the surrounding countryside and mountain ranges and on a clear day you'll see so far as the Yulong Mountain in China and north-western Vietnam.

It's about 9 km from Sapa Village and as such is a three-day hiking excursion. You can pass through hilly and densely forested trails as well as hill tribe hamlets. Then you have a 2000 meter-tall climb to the top of the mountain before you’re rewarded with some of the best natural panoramas in the whole world.





This is Vietnam's largest nature reserve, located in Ninh Binh province. It's home to thousands of endangered fauna and flora species and there are many hiking trails within the forest. If you’re not comfortable heading into the forest alone, you can go on a guided tour as well!

The park is home to several Muong hill tribes, and you can visit traditional stilt houses, bamboo rafts, and waterwheels.

Thousands of Vietnamese and foreign tourists visit this park every year, which means that there are restaurant facilities and lodging available at the park entrance and within.

Paved roads cut into the park makes for easy road travel and many hiking paths means that you can find a hike for every intensity level. You can also pay a ranger for a guided tour.



This park is a must for amateur wildlife photographers and bird enthusiasts. It's found in Dong Thap Province and in late December and early May, over 60,000 birds head to Tram Chim. A great way to see them is by taking a boat through the park.

The longest boat ride is around two hours, and the shortest is 45 minutes. Aside from the boat-ride and wildlife, visitors can enjoy rice harvesting, fishing, trekking, and cycling.

This national park houses up to 200 types of birds, with the most well-known being the Red-crown Crane. These cranes find their food on the ground, so when the water rises during the wet season, the birds have to find someplace else to get food.



This 200-meter tall waterfall is 11 km west of Sapa Village. It's surrounded by rock pools, natural caves, and lush greenery, and is also known as the Silver Falls.

The water originates from the summit of Lo Sui Tong Mountain. When you see it from afar you might notice it looks like a dragon!

Visitors can hike through the forest, relax, or swim in the rock pools.

Thac Bac Waterfall


This park's located 58 km west of downtown Hanoi. It's famed for its three-peaked mountain and there are many hot springs, forest trails, and slopes on and around the three summits.

It's a beautiful break from the city, and for some culture: there is also an 11th century Bach Ho Temple at the top of the highest peak.

Ba Vi National Park


This cave is the world's largest natural cave featuring an array of stalagmites, stalactites, and limestone grottoes.

It's within Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park that is 500 km south of Hanoi. This cave is a spectacular, but the limited number of visitors allowed (only 1000 a year) and steep entry price (3000USD) might mean the other, smaller but no less spectacular cave, are better options.

This cave reaches upwards of 200 m and spans 9 km in length. It's two times bigger than Malaysia's Deer Cave, and it’s so large in fact, that you could fit an entire Manhattan city-block inside of it.

Son Doong Cave


These islands are a grouping of 16 uninhabited islets off the southern coast of Vietnam.

The main island was a prison for those involved in the independence movement but today it is a famous spot for swimming, diving, and snorkelling, mostly ignored by foreign tourists as they don’t know it exists!

The remote islands are well known for turtle breeding and if you're visiting between June and September, you might see a turtle laying their eggs!


Con Dao Islands


The sand dunes of Mui Ne are famous for their picturesque landscapes. They're also known for windsurfing, quad-biking, and sand-boarding and you can find many tour guides who organize day trips to this Sahara-esque sand dunes.

A good time to visit the dunes is either the late afternoon or early morning. As it can get super-hot during the day, make sure to drink plenty of water and wear sunscreen.

You can rent a quad bike so you can explore the dunes, or hire a driver to take you around. This is a fun way to see this unique spot!

Learn more about what to do in Vietnam by reading our article about the top activities to do while visiting!


Sand Dunes of Mu Ne


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