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These private trekking tours aim to take you into the heart of Ba Be National Park to discover the richly diverse and beautiful landscapes and traditional rural villages. We have a range of tours to suit all ages and abilities, from easy treks with plenty of time for relaxing to the more vigorous treks which tackle the more difficult terrain of the wild forests. As well as trekking, these tours incorporate adventure activities such as kayaking and boat trips on Ba Be Lake. All tours will have an English-speaking guide who will accompany you on the trek and stay with you overnight in the remote rural villages. All of the tours will begin and end in Hanoi.
This more advance trek in Ba Be National Park is designed exclusively for those who want to spend their time engaged in exciting activities whilst enjoying one of the most beautiful tourist sites in Vietnam, Ba Be. You will have an unforgettable trip discovering one interesting place after another and furthering your knowledge of life and culture in rural Vietnam.
Tour code: BBT 14E
Tour code : BBT 14E
FROM $265
The signature hike of Ba Be National Park threads its way along the spine of the Pia Booc Range, traversing passes, alpine lakes, with intimate glimpses of those iconic craggy summits.You will experience boating on the river, hiking through the forest, staying with two different ethnic families, cooking traditional food, trekking in the mountains, kayaking in the lake as well as visiting a local school. It is certainly an action packed trip getting back to nature and meeting local people.
Tour code: BBT08E
Tour code : BBT08E
FROM $207
This 3-day, trekking and cycling adventure will take you through the incredible scenery of Ba Be National Park in the northeast of Vietnam.  You have almost three days packed full of adventure and cultural activities including jungle trekking, visiting ethnic villages, taking a boat cruise and biking around the national park. You will spend two nights in a local homestay in a Tay village which will give you the chance to meet the local people and experience their way of life.
Tour code: BBT 11E
Tour code : BBT 11E
FROM $232
Trekking along the trails of Ba Be is the best way to get an authentic feel for the area, following the trails that the locals have travelled for years to go to market, tend their livestock and visit their relatives. This will allow you to gain a greater insight into the lives of these resilient, resourceful villagers. This new trail, only recently discovered by Mr Linh, will also take you through the more remote areas of Ba Be National Park.  Over the four days, you will experience thick jungles, sublime mountain views and the idyllic villages of the Tay, the Dao and the Hmong Flower people.
Tour code: BBT 15E
Tour code : BBT 15E
FROM $278
This trekking adventure takes you through some of the most remote regions, through breathtaking scenery to the villages of Dao and H’mong people. Along the way you will meet many local people and have the chance to experience life in rural Vietnam.
Tour code: BBT 10E
Tour code : BBT 10E
FROM $315
This adventure trek takes you into the remote jungle on the western side of Ba Be National Park. You will trek into the thick jungle to discover the sheer, natural beauty of Ba Be Park. Whilst exploring the park, you will be able to meet the local people living and farming here as you trek to some of the ethnic minority villages. The trip will be topped off with a boat trip and cave exploration. This action-packed trip is perfect for those with a keen sense of adventure and a good level of fitness.
Tour code: BBT 09E
Tour code : BBT 09E
FROM $270