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These private tours add an extra layer of cultural discovery to your experience. As well as taking you to some of the most stunning regions of the north of Vietnam, you have the option of joining highly rewarding community-based projects or specialised wildlife spotting tours. Tours can be arranged year round but certain trips may have a set date. Please contact us for more information.
This tour takes you into the heart of northern culture, travelling across the vast landscapes to the lively and colourful ethnic markets. The north of Vietnam is famed for its sweeping panoramas of limestone mountain ranges and cascades of terraced rice paddies. This tour is perfect for those who love to get off the beaten track to discover unspoilt nature and culture.
Tour code: BB41E
Tour code : BB41E
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South East Asia is the home of the rice paddy field. Here you can still experience the traditional style of agriculture with its use of irrigation, hand tools and water buffalo. The farmers work in the rhythm of the seasons. Agriculture is the heart of the nation, and it has helped to develop and uphold its strong traditional values. While the wet rice paddy fields from the cradle of the Vietnamese village culture, each ethnic minority still manages to preserve its own unique traditions, with regards to housing, clothing, language and spiritual beliefs, values that are largely lost in the world of globalism.
By joining in with the meaningful activities of rice harvesting and community help in Ba Be National Park, you will not only be helping the local farmer in his toil, but you will gain some insight into a world devoid of consumerism, a life defined by hard work and the weather and barely touched by the 21st century.
Tour code: BB40E
Tour code : BB40E
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Of the total Vietnamese population of 88 million (2010), 13 million live below the poverty line and many others remain very near it. Poverty reduction is slowing down, and inequality between the rich and the poor is increasing. There are persistent deep pockets of poverty, particularly amongst the ethnic minorities who make up 14% of the population, yet account for half of the country's poor.
Around Ba Be Lake are the settlements of ethnic Dao, Tay and Hmong.  They are fortunate to enjoy the benefits of beautiful scenery and seemingly idyllic rural lifestyle, but they struggle with poor infrastructure and inadequate education.
The people are resilient and have adapted to a life governed by the immediate needs of their own community, with little input from outsiders.
This is the first scheme to combine a tour with community volunteering and English teaching in Ba Be. The idea is to give you an unforgettable experience whilst aiding the inhabitants nearby in a practical and meaningful way.  Instead of just observing each other from the shore and the tour boat, we can bridge the gap between visitors and villagers in a way that will benefit everyone.
All of the projects are initiated only after we have consulted with the communities, at the village, town and district level to ensure that each tour brings significant benefit to the schools and communities involved.
Tour code: BB39E
Tour code : BB39E
Ba Be National Park is one of the 27 ASEAN heritage parks. The park consists of 450 hectares of stunning natural freshwater lakes and limestone karsts which are inhabited by 553 species of mammals, birds, reptiles, insects, amphibians and fish. Recent preservation programmes have meant that rare species such as the wild Francois’ Langur and the white-eared night heron have been spotted. The incredible range of flora and fauna make Ba Be National Park a fascinating place to visit for nature enthusiasts, birdwatchers and also biology specialists. This tour will take you to the best spots to be in with a chance of spotting these magnificent creatures.
Tour code: BB38E
Tour code : BB38E