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These exhilarating private motorbike tours depart daily from Hanoi and, after navigating the hectic city traffic, will take you along some of the most stunning roads in the whole of Vietnam. You will wind along dizzying mountain passes and descend into picturesque valleys where you will meet local villagers to discover the fascinating cultures in the north of Vietnam. There is a choice of routes to suit different abilities as some roads can be challenging.
As you travel across the region, the dramatic landscapes of the north of Vietnam transform from rugged limestone mountain ranges to sweeping valleys and wonderful terraced rice paddy fields. You can enjoy the immense beauty of the undulating landscape as you traverse the region by motorbike on this tour which takes you from the verdant jungles of Ba Be to the dizzying Ma Pi Leng mountain pass and the stone forests of Dong Van. This is perfect for those with an adventurous streak who want an authentic experience of the landscapes and cultures in the north of Vietnam.
Tour code: BB 35E
Tour code : BB 35E
FROM $734
This motorbike adventure in the northeast of Vietnam will take you through an entire gamut of luscious landscapes through rugged, mountainous terrain, dense woods, lush and tranquil valleys and past vibrant markets, towns and villages. It will be a whole new way of experiencing the splendours of the country.
Tour code: BB 34E
Tour code : BB 34E
FROM $361
This motorbike tour to remote and beautiful areas in the northeast of  Vietnam. You will tour through sweeping landscapes of mountains, valleys, rice paddies and rivers before finishing the trip with a cruise around the stunning Halong Bay. Along the way, you will stay in the villages of different ethnic minority communities getting to know the local people and understand more about their cultures and traditions.
Tour code: BB 33E
Tour code : BB 33E
FROM $624
The northern Vietnam and central loop adventure is a great chance to experience firsthand, the local ethnic minorities and their wonderful hospitable atmosphere. The central north is a remote but beautiful area with many weekly markets. It offers a real chance to explore the culture and places all around this fascinating area.
Tour code: BB32E
Tour code : BB32E
FROM $1036
This motorbike trip will take you from the hectic roads of Hanoi to winding rural trail of Ba Be National Park where you can experience unspoilt natural beauty and authentic, traditional villages.
Tour code: BB 31E
Tour code : BB 31E
FROM $274
This four-day motorbiking take you to the pristine mountain lake of Ba Be, arguably Vietnam's most beautiful lake. This stunning area of jungle, lake and kart is situated just 250 kilometres north of Hanoi. You will be immersed in some of the most beautiful landscapes of Vietnam whilst also discovering the local cultures of the small villages which are scattered throughout the park.
Tour code: BB30E
Tour code : BB30E
FROM $318