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Mai Chau Valley is the epitome of an idyllic rural valley. Surrounded by impressive mountains this valley sits peacefully, covered in a blanket or agricultural land with a sprinkling of peaceful Thai Villages. Further north, sits the beautiful rolling countryside of Dien Bien Phu which lies in a valley, enveloped by a thick forest. This area is famous for the Battle of Dien Bien Phu which saw the Viet Minh defeat the French colonial forces in a battle which would lead to the end of Frances involvement in Vietnam. These tours take you to these beautiful countryside destinations and uncover Vietnams fascinating history.
As well as being one of the most interesting and beautiful areas of South East Asia, the north-west of Vietnam is also home to many of the 54 ethnic groups of Vietnam. Many of the villages in these remote areas have retained their traditional lifestyle, making it a great way to discover the unique and fascinating cultures of Vietnam. Whilst travelling through immensely beautiful landscapes, you will stay with local people, giving you a deeper insight into their customs and traditions.
Tour code: BB 91E
Tour code : BB 91E
FROM $278
The north-west region of Vietnam is still relatively untouched by the outside world. With possibly some of the most beautiful scenery in Vietnam, those who visit this region will be rewarded with stunning views, rich history and authentic Vietnamese culture. On this seven-day adventure, you will visit the former French hill station of Sapa and Dien Bien Phu with its famous battlefields. You will travel over snaking mountain passes and through fertile valleys, taking in incredible views of terraced rice paddies and visiting colourful ethnic markets.
Tour code: BB 90E
Tour code : BB 90E
FROM $398
Mai Chau is a mountainous area of outstanding natural beauty inhabited by a small Thai and H’mong villages. This trip offers a great combination of cultural discovery and trekking. Whilst trekking through some of the most scenic areas in the north-west of Vietnam, you will visit and stay overnight in local homes where you will have the chance to get to know more about the local cultures.
Tour code: BB 89E
Tour code : BB 89E
FROM $198
This three-day adventure in the Mai Chau and Pu Luong area gives you time to explore the natural beauty of the area and meet the local Thai people, taking the time to get to know about their lives out here, in these remote and rural areas.
Tour code BB 88E
Tour code : BB 89E
FROM $143
Mai Chau is made up of a scattering of Thai villages set in a valley surrounded by sweeping mountains. It is the epitome of sleepy, rural life where the people rise with the sun to nature's soundtrack. It is one of the most picturesque areas in the north-west of Vietnam and offers fantastic trekking opportunities. The nearby, Pu Luong Nature Reserve is also an area of outstanding beauty and biodiversity with great hiking routes.
Tour code: BB 87E
Tour code : BB 87E
FROM $88