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The adventure kayaking tours in Ba Be lake are the new outdoor activities organized by Mr Linh's Adventures.
Ba Be National Park is made up of sublime tropical forests, agricultural land, three sprawling, connected lakes and a winding river, making the perfect place for exploration. This tour will take you across the land and water to discover the hidden beauty of this natural haven whilst also visiting the local communities who have retained much of their traditional, rural lifestyles and traditions.
Tour code: BBK03E
Tour code : BBK03E
FROM $252
The calm lakes, towering karsts and jungles of Ba Be are a world away from the noise of the city. Kayaking and cycling are the perfect ways to get up close and discover the peaceful park and its diverse landscapes and wildlife.  After an exciting day trekking, you will be able to relax, refuel and discover local culture by staying with local families, in their traditional style homestays.
Tour code: BBK 02E
Tour code : BBK 02E
FROM $219
Kayaking on Ba Be lake is the best way to explore the breathtaking beauty of the sublime national park. Paddle through islets; visit hidden caves and fishing villages. Kayaks go where other big boats cannot, getting you up close to the incredible surroundings and fascinating wildlife. This is a short but exciting tour which allows you to see the best bits of Ba Be.
Tour code: BBK01E
Tour code : BBK01E
FROM $153