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These private tours are designed for those who plan to make their own way to Ba Be National Park or who are already in the area. Tours can be arranged to depart on any day from Ba Be Tourism Centre which is managed by Mr Linh's Adventures or through Mr Linh's Homestay. These adventurous tours include kayaking, boat trips and hiking with an overnight stay in a traditional village in Ba Be where you can discover how the local people have retained their traditional way of life, fishing in the lake and farming the land. It is recommended that you book these tours in advance as there only a small number of English speaking guides in the area.
Trekking through the sublime national park of Ba Be, through terraced rice paddies, rain forests. Following the winding river at the foot of the limestone mountains, taking in the glorious natural surroundings and also the culture and colour of Vietnam's ethnic minority communities.
Tour code: OPT 06E
Tour code : OPT 06E
FROM $141
Explore this wonderful natural lake located in Ba Be National Park on a one-day boat trip.  You will discover beautiful and dramatic landscapes and authentic culture. Over the course of the day, you can visit a magnificent cave, Dau Dang waterfall, An Ma Temple and unearth the legend of Widow Island.
Tour code: OPT 04E
Tour code : OPT 04E
FROM $113
This two-day trekking tour takes you from the peaceful shores of Ba Be Lake into thick tropical forests of Ba Be National Park, where you can experience the wild beauty of the jungle. This invigorating tour is great for nature lovers with a moderate to good level of fitness and a keen sense of adventure.
Tour code: OPT 05E
Tour code : OPT 05E
FROM $156