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Ha Long Bay is one of the most iconic landscapes of Vietnam; the clear blue waters peppered with gem-like karst islands are famous across the world. No trip to Vietnam would be complete without a trip on the bay, weaving through the karst maze and into the magical caves. As well as Ha Long Bay, our tours take you to the equally as stunning Lan Ha Bay, Cat Ba Island, which has a beautiful national park, and Bai Tu Long Bay. Lan Ha Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay feature the same dramatic landscapes as Ha Long Bay but with far fewer tourist boats, allowing you to enjoy an undisturbed view of the bay.
This two-day tour is packed full with the best sights in Ha Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay and Cat Ba National Park. The early departure maximises your time cruising around the crystal waters of the karst punctuated bay. You will also have the fantastic experience of sleeping on board the boat, floating in the calm waters underneath the starry skies.
Tour code: HLCB06E
Tour code : HLCB06E
FROM $233
Cat Ba National Park is Vietnam’s first national park which encompasses both terrestrial and marine ecosystems, including the clear waters of Lan Ha Bay. This private tour with a three-day cruise will take you across the calm waters, past the craggy limestone islets of Lan Ha Bay and into the forests and caves of Cat Ba National Park.
Tour code: HLCB05E
Tour code : HLCB05E
FROM $285
This two-day trip allows you to explore the most famous sights of Ha Long Bay. Spend your days exploring and the night anchored in the bay floating on the calm waters, waking to the sounds of the sea and a gentle Thai Chi class. If you are looking for a comfortable and memorable trip on Ha Long Bay, this traditional junk is perfect for you as it can enter into the smaller, more remote areas not accessible to the larger vehicles.
Tour code: HLCB04E
Tour code : HLCB04E
FROM $160
Ha Long Bay is a spectacular natural wonder. The crystal blue waters and chalky karsts make a seascape which never fails to amaze. The semi-sheltered, calm waters of the bay make this the ideal place to swim, snorkel or kayak. This cruise combines the oriental style of the traditional style boat with contemporary luxury rooms.
Tour code: HLCB03E
Tour code : HLCB03E
FROM $339
On this private tour, you can enjoy the crystal waters and white sandy beaches of Lan Ha Bay, which makes up part of the sublime Cat Ba National Park marine ecosystem. You will the tour with a cruise on Lan Ha Bay, exploring caves and islands, complete with an overnight on board. The second night is spent in a tranquil resort on Nam Cat Island.
Tour code: HLCB02E
Tour code : HLCB02E
FROM $233
This 3-day adventure gives you the chance to enjoy all of the stunning landscapes of Lan Ha Bay and Cat Ba Island, taking in the bay, the beaches and the national park. Starting with hiking through the through the wild tropical forests of Cat Ba Island and continuing by boat through the incredible Lan Ha Bay with the chance to kayak up close to the towering karsts and visit a remarkable floating village.
Tour code: HLCB01E
Tour code : HLCB01E
FROM $253