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The landscapes of Ha Giang, Dong Van and everywhere in between are characterised by vertiginous and hypnotic terraced rice paddies, soaring rocky mountains and picturesque valleys. The remoteness of this region has also meant that many of the traditional hill-tribe cultures have been preserved with many keeping their traditional clothing, language and amazing markets. These tours will help you discover the sweeping vistas and fascinating cultures in the north of Vietnam, brushing along the Chinese border, over mountain passes and into valleys.
The soaring, rocky mountains and extensive, sweeping valleys in the north of Vietnam inspire a feeling of wonder in all those who lay eyes on the immense landscapes. You will follow the mountain roads between Sapa, Bac Ha and Ha Giang witnessing the incredible scenery unfolding around every corner. As you travel across the region, you will visit the colourful and diverse villages belonging the many different ethnic minority groups in Vietnam.
Tour code: HG77E
Tour code : HG77E
FROM $561
This four-day adventure trekking in Ha Giang is perfect for anyone who loves the thrill of nature and physical activity. You will trek through a palm forest, rice terraces, through incredible mountainscapes and into villages. It is also an opportunity to explore the lifestyle and customs of ethnic communities living in these areas of the mountainous north of Vietnam.
Tour code: HG43E
Tour code : HG43E
FROM $238
This Ha Giang tour will take you through the awe-inspiring panoramas of Ha Giang and Dong Van, travelling along the mountain hugging Ma Pi Leng Pass and through the valleys. You will journey through the sprawling lands of tea plantations, the stone forests of the Dong Van Plateau and into the ethnic minority communities to stay with local people and explore the fascinating markets.
Tour code : HG44E
Tour code : HG44E
FROM $273
The remote areas of Ha Giang offer travelling experiences like no other, the cultural diversity and uniquely beautiful landscapes remain pure and unspoilt by the modern day trappings. This tour gives you the chance to take in the highlights of this remarkable region, making the most of your time by staying with families to maximise your cultural discovery.
Tour code: HG32E
Tour code : HG32E
FROM $208
Bac Ha, the biggest highland market in the North Vietnam takes place in every Sunday. To get there, the villagers in the surrounding hill tribes have to walk or ride the horses from the early morning or even yesterday. There are Flower Hmong, Phu La, Black Dzao, Tay and Nung…80km from Sapa, Bac Ha market is very well known in the area not only for its color painted to local hill tribe people but also for the unique market in all around the country has a distinct area for selling horses, cattle...
Tour code: HG PRT 76 E
Tour code : HG PRT 76 E
FROM $451