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These multi-day group tours take you into the wild and beautiful landscapes of Ba Be National Park and to the highlights of the mountainous northern region, including the magnificent Ban Gioc Waterfall and sweeping roads of Ha Giang. Our group tours are designed to suit all ages and abilities, with a variety of activities on offer such as easy hiking and kayaking. All daily tours will depart from Ba Be Tourism Centre, in the heart of Ba Be National Park whilst the multi-day tours will begin and end in Hanoi.
This one day adventure in the stunning setting of Ba Be National Park combines kayaking, boating, hiking and cycling to take you to the best sites in the park. In just eight hours you can take visit a lake, a cave, a waterfall and head into the jungle whilst haveing the chance to meet some of the local people along the way.
Tour code: OPT07E
Tour code : OPT07E
FROM $45
Ba Be National Park is centred around a vast lake enveloped by chalky karsts and thick tropical jungles. This trip takes you deep into Ba Be National Park and on to the waters of Ba Be Lake. On this two-day tour, you will experience local hospitality from an ethnic minority family, take a tranquil river trip, explore caves and see the landscape change from rice cultivation to forests to towering mountains.
Tour code: OPT 03E
Tour code : OPT 03E
FROM $145
This adventurous tour combines trekking and a boat ride to make the most of the rich and diverse Ba Be National Park. Over four days, you will trek through jungles to remote villages, voyage by boat to discover new caves and experience local hospitality in welcoming homestays. This tour is perfect for those who love adventure and being active in the great outdoors.
Tour code: OPT11E
Tour code : OPT11E
FROM $299
Ba Be National Park is the largest natural freshwater lake in Vietnam with exceptional biodiversity including a population of langurs, over 200 bird and 350 butterfly species, geological treasures and mature primary limestone forests. In places like this, careless tourism can bring human disturbances and endanger this heritage, while thoughtful tourism with a controlled impact can provide excellent support to conservation projects in the area and help the economies of local people. We share your desire for the latter option and promise that nature knows how to return your kindness. Surrounded by the lush green of the forest, we hope you enjoy your time spent exploring the lakes, caves, mountains and jungles.
Tour code: OPT 01E
Tour code : OPT 01E
FROM $175
This tour will take you from the vast lakes and chalky karsts of Ba Be National Park to the wild and rugged landscapes of Cao Bang to visit the most spectacular Ban Gioc waterfall in Vietnam. You will be travelling through the remote areas in the north of Vietnam, brushing along the Chinese border and staying with local families to find out about the unique cultures and customs of Vietnam.
Tour code: OPT 02E
Tour code : OPT 02E
FROM $215
Ba Be has so much to offer in terms of exploration from limestone mountains ranges etched with caves to glassy lakes and wonderful terraced paddy fields. This tour is perfect for nature lovers who want to experience untouched areas and explore local customs and culture. As well as showcasing the beauty Ba Be National Park, this tour will take in the rugged, sweeping landscapes of the north of Vietnam and the spectacular Ban Gioc Waterfall.
Tour code: OPT10E
Tour code : OPT10E
FROM $529