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These multi-day, private day tours give you the chance to explore the stunning landscapes and discover the fascinating cultures of the north of Vietnam accompanied by an English speaking guide. From Hanoi and Ba Be, you can choose to visit other destinations such as Halong Bay, Ca Ba Island, Ha Giang, Sapa, Cao Bang and Lang Son with activities to suit your interests and abilities. As well as being able to choose your day of your departure, you also have the option of choosing your own style of accommodation. Private tours allow you to customise your trip to create your perfect adventure.
This tour takes you to the most stupendous region of Vietnam, the markets of ethnic people, the mountains of the Black H'mong of Dong Van and the Ma Pi Leng Pass, to the magic Babe Lake, through another very spectacular mountain road.
Tour code: PRT 15E
Tour code : PRT 15E
FROM $436
The stunning natural landscapes of Ba Be are drenched in a tranquil ambiance which makes it perfect for a relaxing getaway. This tour is ideal for those who love exploring nature and discovering local culture. You will be able to relax and take in the beautiful surroundings, take a boat trip and enjoy local hospitality.
Tour code: PRT 28E
Tour code : PRT 28E
FROM $136
Ba Be is Vietnam’s largest natural lake and the heart of Ba Be National Park. The park and the surrounding area is limestone country, so lakes, waterfalls, caves and unusual rock formations abound. The whole area is richly forested and is home to many ethnic minority communities. Ba Be National Park has been recognized as a Natural World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This tour offers you a fun adventure at a comfortable pace with plenty of time to enjoy the magnificent surroundings.
Tour code: PRT 27E
Tour code : PRT 27E
FROM $202
This tour takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the city into the peaceful beauty of nature. Not only will you explore the diverse and dramatic scenery of Ba Be National Park but you will also take a trip to the stunning Ban Gioc Waterfalls which sit on the border of Vietnam and China. As well as some incredible scenery you will also have the chance to meet the local Tay community who live and farm on the banks of Ba Be Lake.
This exclusive tour takes visitors from the venerable city of Hanoi, complete with stately French colonial buildings and a bustling old Vietnamese quarter, to the natural wonderland that is Ba Bể Lake and the Ban Gioc waterfalls, the world’s 4th largest border waterfall after Niagara, Iguacu and  Victoria.
You will also be able interact with the ethnic Tay minority in small villages and explore the Nang River by boat.
Tour code: PRT 25E
Tour code : PRT 25E
FROM $240
Explore this beautiful natural lake located in Ba Be National Park, where the dramatic landscape is complimented by the small ethnic minority villages dotted around the lake shore.  This beautiful national park in the northern province of Bac Kan features a sprawling lake which is listed as one of the world’s twenty largest freshwater lakes. Also on the trip, you will visit the largest waterfall in Vietnam, Ban Gioc Waterfall. The stunning falls have an impressive 300-meter span with one end in China, and the other in Vietnam.
Tour code: PRT 19E
Tour code : PRT 19E
FROM $284
This tour will take you to some of the most incredible sites in the north of Vietnam. This is a wild and beautiful region of limestone peaks, black granite needles (the locals call them “stone forests”), vertiginous canyons and limitless panoramas. You will also discover the culture of the local Black H’mong. The men are remarkably elegant, dressed in black, with a beret, a souvenir of their great allies the French. Also on the itinerary is the sprawling Ba Be Lake in Ba Be National Park where you can enjoy the rich natural surroundings and meet the local Tay communities.
Tour code: PRT 21E
Tour code : PRT 21E
FROM $377
Explore the spectacular landscapes of the northern mountainous region Sapa, Bac Ha, Ha Giang and Ba Be with the limestone formations and the Chay River Massif.  Observe the fascinating culture, customs and way of life of different ethnic minority groups living in Vietnam's far north.
Tour code: PRT 24E
Tour code : PRT 24E
FROM $554
This journey through the north-east of Vietnam highlights the immense beauty of Halong Bay, Ba Be Lake and the surrounding areas. You will spend five days travelling across land and sea, visiting waterfalls and forests and meeting local people.
Tour code: PRT 23E
Tour code : PRT 23E
FROM $540
If you are looking for an adventurous mountain trip packed with trekking and outdoor activities, this five-day trip in Sapa and Ba Be is the perfect tour for you. The rich and diverse landscapes combine mountains, rice paddies, lakes, rivers, waterfalls and caves giving you plenty of options for exploration. As well as the great range of activities on offer you will also develop your understanding of the rich varieties of cultures in Vietnam as you visit many different local villages.
Tour code: PRT 22E
Tour code : PRT 22E
FROM $359
The Northern mountainous region offers, perhaps, the most spectacular scenery anywhere in Vietnam. Opportunities to see something of the lives, customs and costumes of many of Vietnam’s ethnic minorities abound. Discover the north of Vietnam and all its charm with a tour that showcases the diversity of both the landscapes and the cultures of the area.
Tour code: PRT 29E
Tour code : PRT 29E
FROM $1216
This eight-day adventure veers off the beaten path and into the wild and unspoilt beauty of northern Vietnam. During the trip, you will trek through mountains, valleys and villages to discover the landscapes and cultures of Sapa and the frontier region of Ha Giang before winding up in the sublime setting of Ba Be National Park.
Tour code: PRT 20E
Tour code : PRT 20E
FROM $611
This excursion will take you to from the karst-studded Lan Ha Bay to the stunning Cat Ba Island and finally to the natural haven of Ba Be National Park. As well as taking in some of the most incredible areas in the north of Vietnam, this action-packed trip is full of unforgettable experiences: cruising on a traditional wooden sailboat, hiking through a pristine forest, staying with two different local families, discovering caves system and kayaking.
Tour code: PRT 18E
Tour code : PRT 18E
FROM $458
The isolated regions of the far north of Vietnam have retained a wild beauty and rugged charm that have been lost in many areas. This ultimate experience in the north of Vietnam will take you into the heart of the countryside to discover the incredible landscapes and ethnic minority communities. You will visit many remote areas of unspoilt beauty, taking in the incredible vistas along the way.
Tour code: PRT 17E
Tour code : PRT 17E
FROM $770
This fast-track discovery of northern Vietnam takes you to the lush lands of Ba Be National Park where you can enjoy boating on the lake and the Nang River and experience the pleasure of sleeping in a traditional Tay stilt house. You will then explore the mountainous areas of Cao Bang and Quang Uyen with a visit to the magnificent Ban Gioc Waterfalls. This tour will take you to the remote and beautiful areas of northern Vietnam before skirting along the Vietnam and Chinese border and heading back to Hanoi.
Tour code: PRT 16E
Tour code : PRT 16E
FROM $378
On this five-day tour of northern Vietnam, you will visit the mountainous regions near the Chinese border. You will sweep along mountain passes and descend into beautiful valleys, visiting local markets and ethnic minority communities along the way. This tour is bound to fill you with a new found wonder of northern Vietnam and it's unique landscapes and cultures.
Tour code: PRT 26E
Tour code : PRT 26E
FROM $403