Ba Be National Park: Our Accommodation

When visiting Ba Be National Park, staying with a local family in a homestay is practically a must if you want to have the most authentic and enriching experience possible. While there are many options around the various villages, we directly manage and support two homestays that have received excellent feedback from locals and foreigners alike.
Mr Linh’s Homestay
Located in Coc Toc Village, Mr Linh’s Homestay is run by a local Tay family, and the building itself is a more than 50 years old traditional Tay dwelling. This means the house is on stilts and features several open spaces, one of which, on the first floor, has been divided into separate rooms.
Mr Linh Homestay
These rooms are all equipped with comfortable beds, fresh linens and towels, mosquito nets and air conditioning. There is also a balcony on the same floor with stunning views of rice paddies, the lake and the surrounding mountains. Guests are welcome to take their meals here, enjoying their traditional home cooked meal in serene surroundings. The bathrooms are also modern, western and kept sparkling clean with hot water always available.
Mr Linh Homestay
The homestay is owned and managed by Mr Linh’s family, so you can be secure in the knowledge that the money you spend goes into local hands, directly benefiting the community you are visiting.
Ba Be Lakeview Homestay
This homestay is run by the young couple Lien and Phong, and lies in the Tay fishing village of Pac Ngoi. The house was constructed by Phong's father and grandfather more than 50 years ago, and the couple now lives here together with their two young children as well as Phong’s parents in the traditional Tay fashion of having three generations of people under the same roof.
Ba Be Lake View
Having shifted into tourism, Phong and Lien now bring additional value to their family and community, but still retain their old jobs on the fishing boat and in the rice field respectively.
The house is again constructed in a traditional Tay fashion, with three main spaces. The second floor has been divided up into three King Rooms with ensuite bathrooms, as well as several smaller Chalets with shared bathroom facilities. All rooms have access to a balcony with stunning views; a perfect place to eat breakfast or watch the sunset with a drink in hand.
King Rooms
All the meals are cooked by Lien, who is a masterful chef well versed in the traditional dishes of her people. Those wishing to see what traditional Tay cooking looks, smells and most importantly tastes like will not be disappointed with Lien’s fantastic cooking.
Despite having operated their homestay for several years, Ba Be Lakeview only recently formed a partnership with Mr Linh’s Adventures and in order to help further improve and grow their business.